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  • Nani Palmer | Keller Williams | Les Bailey & Associates Blog

    Friday, May 31, 2019   /   by Nani Palmer

    The Top 5 Things Buyers Dislike About Your Home

    If you are planning on selling your house, here are the top 5 things buyers dislike when shopping for homes. If you want to make the most out of your Real Estate investment and you are not planning on marketing your house to investors or people who want to pay pennies on the dollar -  listen up! After 17+ years of selling real estate, I have seen a lot of homes and I have heard countless comments about these homes. Remember, you have one chance to make a good impression if you want top dollar for your real estate investment!

    1.) Bad smells. As a homeowner, sometimes we don’t realize our homes have smells in them.  When selling your property, avoid making foods that have orders that linger (especially fried food).  Cigarette smoke will definitely turn off non-smokers, as well as stinky teenager rooms (believe me, we all know what those can smell like:-).  I suggest asking a trusted friend who will be straight with you. Invite a friend over who has not been i ...

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