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  • Clark Middle School4

    Anchorage, AK | Anchorage Municipality County

    March 5, 2008

    I miss Clark. It has now been torn down, and is in the process of being rebuilt. Students who attended there have been fanned out to 4 different middle schools in the district-Begich, Romig, Central, and Wendler. My son was assigned to Wendler. It is soooo different from Clark. Clark at a certain feeling when you walked thru those front doors. You knew that the staff was there for you, and that your needs were important to them. Ms. Williams, the principal was/is the best principal I have ever worked with as a parent(and I have 5 boys). She is sincere, honest, and realisitc all at the same time. She truly cares about your child! I wish my son could have gone to Clark for one more year for is 8th grade year. But it wasn't to be, the school really did need to be rebuilt.

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    July 28, 2004

    Clark is a great school it open my eye to things I never know I'd like. Diamond is a very good team weather we're talking about school spirt or school effert. The core teacher keep me up and run no matter what I was feeling. Also on support from the teachers you have to try and get you girls with Ms.Baxley she is a geart teacher, listener, and advice giver. She helped me though things not even my perant could. Also the dance and drama classes are great I went into a depression half way though the year and those classes and the teachers and student keep me smiling. Also Ms.William is the most wonderfulest lady. She understands so much. I rate this school with five(5) stars!

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    May 18, 2004

    I think everyone at Clark on the Fireweed team is outstanding. The core team is awesome, if I have a problem I just need to email my daughter's teacher(s). Ms. Williams is a great principal, she has done an outstanding job. I am very pleased with my daughter and her performance at Clark Middle School.

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