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    Wasilla, AK | Matanuska-Susitna Borough County

    June 22, 2013

    I believe Wasilla High School to be comparable to any good high school in the state. My son will graduate a year early due to the many Accelerated Placement courses available to him. I believe the high dropout rate is due to many families withdrawing students and moving around the state. The school still shows those kids on their rolls. When I went to parent/teacher conferences this year few parents showed up and my son's teachers were so happy to see me. If a child is having a hard time in school I would look to the parent before blaming the staff. My son attended his first semester of 9th grade in New Mexico and is much happier now that we moved and he attends Wasilla High.

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    September 25, 2011

    WHS is one of the worst high schools in the Matanuska Valley area. Wasilla has such a high drop out rate that the community has had to open alternative schools in recent years. Most of the students that attend the alternative schools come form wasilla and do well because the teacher student ratio is better. also the alternative schools simply graduate students using work study credit. Some of the teachers at wasilla high school simply have been there to long and do not have the passion they started with years ago. I have seen and know teachers that have been teaching for years and still are motivated and enjoy teaching different student mentalities. Wasilla teachers are not that way they dont care if the students fail.

    August 31, 2007

    Its very good, my kids would be able to have many oppritunities to be someone in life

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    July 20, 2007

    I believe that wasilla high is one of the best schools in the valley. I would deff. recommend this school to any middle school student. Wasilla High offers honors classes as well as off campus classes. Students roam free around the halls without being tromented by some 'better than other' students. Everyone here is friends or aquaintences with everyone else. There is always a place to fit in. Remember once a Warrior always a Warrior.

    Submitted by a student

    April 17, 2005

    The 'druggie' image of Wasilla is long gone thanks to a concerted effort by administration and staff. Currently Wasilla High School has 14 Advanced Placement courses available with a full offering of honors courses to get students up to speed. In fact, it is the fastest growing high school in Matsu Borough. Wasilla offers a wide range of vocational-technical courses (Wood Shop, Auto, Building Trades, and more) as well as a growing fine arts program that includes AP Art, AP Music, Jazz Band, and Drama. The sports programs include the state champion wrestling team several years running, strong basketball teams for both boys and girls, and many, many more. Wasilla High School sets the pace for Matsu Borough schools.

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    September 4, 2004

    This school is a great school in the Mat-su districts. As we all know and have heard that our childern are coming to us and saying things about this school being a 'stoner' school or a 'druggie' school. I don't think that schools should be labled as those things. I look at Wasilla high in a good way but I would want my child to do well in the acedemics to move on and enjoy life.

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